Getting in touch

How to contact the cellfinder developers or other users
cellfinder is still at an early stage, so we know that there will be bugs, and features that you might want that we haven't added yet.
There are two main sources of help. These are both public, because if you have an issue, there's likely plenty more people who come across the same problem.

General guidance (help forum)

If you want general help with cellfinder (or any other BrainGlobe software), best practices etc, an error message you don't understand, please use the forum. Please tag your question with both brainglobe and the name of the tool you're using (e.g. cellfinder).

Bugs and feature requests


If you have gone through the documentation, and asked on the forum, and you think there is a problem with cellfinder, please see the GitHub issues. If a bug report doesn't already exist for your problem, please raise one (using the template).

Feature requests

If you would like a feature added to cellfinder, please also raise an issue on the GitHub page (using the template).