Output files

brainreg will create a number of output files. Many of these are for use with other software (e.g. brainreg-segment and cellfinder), but they may be useful for your own software.
N.B. This is not an exhaustive list, as brainreg has many options which may create additional files.
  • boundaries.tiff - A 3D tiff image of the atlas boundaries, transformed to the space of the raw data.
  • brainreg_DATE_TIME.log - A log file detailing the registration process. Useful for debugging and raising issues.
  • brainreg.json - A record of all the input parameters, used by other software, e.g. brainreg-segment.
  • deformation_field_0.tiff - A 3D tiff describing the deformation from raw data space to atlas space, in the first dimension (based on the supplied orientation and voxel sizes).
  • deformation_field_1.tiff - Deformation in the second dimension.
  • deformation_field_2.tiff - Deformation in the third dimension.
  • downsampled.tiff - The raw data, reoriented to the atlas orientation, and downsampled to the atlas resolution.
  • downsampled_standard_IMAGE_NAME.tiff - The raw data, transformed to the atlas (standard) space.
  • registered_atlas.tiff - The atlas annotations image, warped to the raw data space. N.B. This is the reoriented, downsampled space of downsampled.tiff.
  • registered_hemispheres.tiff - Same as downsampled_atlas.tiff but for the image coding the hemispheres.
  • volumes.csv A CSV file outlining the volumes of each brain area, based on the atlas registration.
Some other files may also be created:
  • downsampled_IMAGE_NAME.tiff - Similar to downsampled.tiff but additional image channels, processed when using the -d flag.
  • niftyreg This directory contains the intermediate files used by the niftyreg registration. Created when using the --debug flag.
  • registered_atlas_original_orientation.tiffSame as registered_atlas.tiff, but without the reorientation to the atlas orientation. Created when using the --save-original-orientation flag.