bg-brainrender-GUI is a pyqt5 based GUI built around brainrender.

The goal of this program is to provide an easy to use graphical interface for brainrender, enabling the creation of 3d anatomical renderings with minimal coding requirements. Because brainrender is fully integrated with BG-AtlasAPI, bg-brainrender-GUI can be used to visualize atlases supported by brainglobe.

Currently bg-brainrender-gui only supports some of brainrender's core functionality, but we are happy to extend bg-brainrender-gui should there be interest in this.

The source code for bg-brainrender-GUI can be found at Github repository where you can also open issues to ask questions or report bugs.


bg-brainrender-gui can be installed as a python package with pip:

pip install bg-brainrender-gui

The source code can be found at the GitHub repository. For any question or bug report, please open an issue on GitHub.