What is BrainGlobe?


BrainGlobe is a project from the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre at UCL and the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology to develop open software tools in Python for the exploration, visualisation and analysis of neuronal morphology data, from single neurons to whole brains.

All of the projects can be found at our GitHub organisation.

BrainGlobe project

Brain atlases

One of the most important parts of the BrainGlobe project is dealing with varied atlases from multiple species.

Central to this is the the BrainGlobe atlas API (BG-AtlasAPI) which provides a common interface to process data from different atlases, originally defined in different ways.

In BrainGlobe, an atlas is defined as a collection of files, including, but not limited to:

  • An image of a brain (reference)

  • A corresponding image with individual brain regions defined by pixel value (annotation)

  • Metadata defining properties of the atlas